NEO G Stabilized Knee Support

Product Description

Helps with strains, sprains, instability and problems such as patellar tracking

Helps support and stabilize injured, weak or arthritic knees during occupational and sporting activities

Constructed from breathable fabric with an elasticated lacing system which helps provide controlled compression and adjustable support. The premium quality patella silicone insert provides added protection, compression and stabilization. Integrated, flexible stays at each side help provide additional support

The product is sized, provides adjustable support, fits the Left or Right knee, is Unisex and is compatible with the Neo G Hot & Cold Therapy Disc

يساعد على سلالات، والالتواء وعدم الاستقرار ومشاكل مثل تتبع الرضفي  مع نظام جلد مطاطي مما يساعد على توفير ضغط للحمايه و الدعم قابل للتعديل.

الرضفة سيليكون عالية الجودة إدراج يوفر حماية إضافية، وضغط والاستقرار

. يناسب الركبة اليسار أو اليمين.


15.000 KD

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