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SAFWAN Trading & Contracting Company has come a long way since its inception in 1963 and finds itself proudly privileged on being able to have introduced many of the ‘firsts’ of the pharmaceutical quality products within the country and other parts of the region - and has lately ventured, branched out and established cross-border businesses in Iraq, with ambitious plans to expand further. 


Pharma Department

Over 40 years of operating in a highly competitive marketplace, we have become a leading, versatile and dynamic player in the pharmaceutical business. SAFWAN’s Pharma Department has worked hard to become a world-class provider of value-added services to the industry’s top multinational organizations (partners).


Pharma Sales & Marketing Division

The Pharma Sales & Marketing Division is responsible for selling & marketing the products and services of various pharmaceutical companies. This division was established in 2001; now more than 26 well reputed pharmaceutical companies fall under the division.

Food Supplement Division

A division Re-established in 2011, as a result of Safwan’s expansion and taking specialization into consideration, in order to ensure focus and sustainable growth. Our products are all from natural origin the new trend in today’s world.

Consumer Division


The Consumer division was re-established in Pharma department in the year 2011, in order to cater to the needs of our Principal products with a potential in mass marketing and Co-Operatives.

Currently we promote a wide array of products ranging from cosmetics to oral hygiene. Some of our key brand products include:

  • Elgydium range of products (PFM)
  • Klorane Brand (PFDC)
  • Color & Soin
  • Email Diamant

In the past years, our distribution in the cooperatives has augmented significantly and successfully incorporated the challenges posed by the volatile consumer market.

Today, Safwan consumer can boast of greater enterprise as we reach and cover all the cooperatives in Kuwait.

Our strength lies in building customer loyalty by providing quality service which is rendered by our highly trained and motivated sales team   

In the diverse consumer market, we endeavor to connect with the needs of our consumers by integrating conventional advertising and marketing strategies with the digital media.


Medical Equipment & Supplies Department

Since early on in SAFWAN’s history, the Medical Equipment and Supplies Department has been an integral and effective part of our Company. Through the department’s vast experience and resources the Company has been able to bring in to the local market quality products and the latest information on emerging new technologies, with prompt delivery to the premises of the customers at highly competitive prices and excellent after-sale support.

Homecare Division

SAFWAN Trading & Cont. Co. KSCC has made the life of patients and practitioners easier by bringing the most innovative products in this field.

Sterilization & Waste Management Division

SAFWAN Trading & Cont. Co. established this division in 2004 through which the company has succeeded to introduce a new era of Infectious Waste Management in hospitals.

Hospital Equipment Division

Having on board outstanding companies like Datascope, KLS Martin, Schmitz, Klimamed makes this division cover all what is related to hospital furniture. Hospitals that count on our products are all over Kuwait.

Radiology Division

The Radiology Division was founded in 2000. The first company that joined our portfolio was Shimadzu, one of the biggest companies in the manufacturing of Radiology Equipment.

Ophthalmic Division

Due to the long and mutually beneficial business relationship established between our company and our suppliers starting with ALCON, we have succeeded to have excellent relationships and have established contacts with all ophthalmology clinics in Kuwait, whether in MOH, KOC, or in the private sector, thus establishing an elite product range that covers all aspects and customer needs in this field.

Medical Supplies Division

From “Helping People Live a Healthy Life” of Quality Innovation, Choice” of Intersurgical, UK, the Medical Supplies Division in SAFWAN Trading has ensured that the Kuwaiti society is supplied with the highest level of quality and safety products that are used in the most critical areas and applications inside hospitals.


Dental Division

With leading and long established companies in the world of dentistry, like CEFLA, among our major principals, and with the big installation database in MOH and the private market, the division has succeeded since 2004 to keep up with the dental excellence and cover the full range of the dental industry needs in Kuwait.


Laboratory Department

Laboratory Division was founded in 2004. We started with one of the most prestigious companies -Randox Lab- in the field of Biochemistry auto-analyzers, reagents, and the first worldwide in International Quality Control Assessment Program. Thereafter, many internationally known companies joined our laboratory portfolio such as Siemens,Medysinal Covidien (Nuclear Medicine Line) Raypa, Micros, All Diag, Woodley & Woodley and many others.


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